The universe is not real, time does not exist, 

            you do not exist and soon...

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OMNIS-a hypothesis for Reality

Omnis is a theoretical model which can explain ‘true’ reality. The theory assumes there to be infinite universes and that the common ground between those near-identical universes is a pathway between them. This assumption leads to an explanation to how and why the science of our universe is not infallible. The flaws in our science explains the inexplicable and all that science cannot explain...


The Universe is not real, time does not exist, you do not exist and soon...

You Will Believe.

Omnis is an alternative theory of existence which answers everything...                   


1. The Universe is Not Real
2. Infinity Rules
3. Science
4. Magic
5. Belief
An element from the Omnis model
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Belief is everything: If the rules of Science are imperfect then they can be broken. The only plausible ways in which the rules of our near-perfect science may be broken must either be by random chance or by belief. Science, belief and reality are therefore intrinsically linked and each may affect the other. This being the case, all the inexplicable can be understood.

There are two prerequisites to substantiate the Omnis theory: Firstly, a belief that all existence is not physical but consists of thoughts, ideas and imagination only. Omnis uses the Four Assumptions to conclude this as an acceptable concept. Secondly, if all existence is as ‘thought’ only then the conclusion must be that there is Infinity of everything- because thoughts, ideas and imagination can have no limitations. When these two prerequisite concepts are accepted, the final conclusion is that, in any given universe, the only difference between what is possible and what is not possible must lie in the rules of the science for that universe and in the beliefs of that universe. 

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Should the circumstances, in which the rules of science are broken, ever occur they may briefly open a doorway to an alternative science of an alternative near-identical universe- another world. This is better explained in some detail and, in the fictional series ‘Breakdown’, such an explanation is given by a description of The Group’s visual model of Omnis as described on their website...

Although the purpose of ‘Breakdown’ is to present entertaining strange tales (arbs) there are sections which explain the thinking behind The Group’s theory of Omnis. Chapter fourteen- Omnis- is almost entirely devoted to this. Below are some links to various sections within the book which give explanations and backing to the Omnis theory...

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