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The universe is not real, time does not exist, 

            you do not exist and soon...

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Infinity, Reality and Dreams


Reality is a concept. What appears real to us is that which we experience through our waking senses. What we see and hear appears real. What we cannot sense we cannot believe in and what we cannot believe in we consider to be not real. Our universe conforms to our own concept of reality but that concept is formed from our own real experiences of the world we live in- the world that we already consider to be the real world. Our view of reality is biased. We have no reason to believe there are other realities and the consequence is that we have been imprisoned by our own misguided concept of reality.


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1. The Universe is Not Real

2. Infinity Rules

3. Science

4. Magic

5. Belief


Nothing exists in the physical sense as we imagine. Everything we know, and believe in, exists only as thoughts, as ideas, and as dreams. This is the axiom of all understanding. Understanding is crucial to belief and belief is crucial to understanding. Our belief is our reality but our reality is our belief. We must look past our acceptance of conventional reality to understand that there can be reality outside of our own comprehensible universe and to do this we need look no further than our dreams...

An Extract from the fictional series  Breakdown



When we sleep, all those senses we use to judge reality are still alive, and when we dream, our senses are transferred to our existence in our dream world. Whilst dreaming, we believe our dream world to be our reality. However, when we awake, we consider our dream experience to be a memory of our own thoughts that were created by us whilst asleep in the real world and that our dreams are therefore part of our waking world- it was just a dream, it wasn't real. But whilst we dream our senses and our emotions are very real and our waking world is nonexistent- whilst dreaming things are the other way around! When we are awake our memories of our existence in our dream worlds are, by comparison to our real world, weak and illogical and far removed from our usual reality and we do not recognise the simple fact that whilst we dream our reality is different. It is different because it is not the same reality.

Dreams are the first clue given to us. All ancient societies have studied dreams and all have given them a special, purposeful place in their science. Only in our more modern world has our science hidden the truth of dreams from us. Dreams are simply other realities, other realities which have a different set of rules-a different science. The science of our dreams is the clue to true reality. Dreams are infinite and to understand the true reality which exists both within our dreams and within our waking lives, infinity must be understood.

Infinity - The Mother of All

Infinity is limitless. Infinity has no boundaries and no restrictions. There is infinity of everything and so infinity rules.  Infinity is the mother of all...


There are other worlds, infinite other worlds, and there are pathways between them. Infinity tells us that there are infinite other universes which are almost identical to ours. Near-identical universes share vast common ground and are consequently indistinguishable from each other. The seemingly insignificant differences are not noticeable and so crossovers between the two universes can occur unnoticed. An example is two near-identical universes in which the only difference is the colour of my eyes- in one they are brown and in the other they are blue. There needs to be other differences in these universes- I, and everyone who knows me, must recognise and know my eyes to be brown (or blue) and all photos and other records must correspond accordingly. I could move constantly in and out of these two universes and no one, including myself, would be any the wiser. However, if whilst crossing over between the two universes there is a hiccup and someone's memory does not cross with all the other elements, then there would be a reality breakdown. This breakdown may last only a fraction of a second but if it were to last for a significant period the breakdown's significance would appear paranormal, freakish, weird- impossible. This hiccup does not occur because of the rules of our science. In a world with perfect science there can be no crossovers between universes- no reality breakdowns. Science holds everything together keeping us and our universe stable. 

Infinity, however, tells us that there are infinite degrees of science's power and that some universes will have perfect science and others imperfect science. An example of another reality with imperfect science is dreams. In dreams, our science may allow us to swim underwater without the need to breathe or we may be able to fly, or perhaps there are vampires or dinosaurs. The reality of our universe has been in existence for billions of years but a dream may only exist for a very brief period of our experiencey. Infinity of everything explains all- infinity rules.

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