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The universe is not real, time does not exist, 

            you do not exist and soon...

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             Belief in Belief


  • Sophia Loren:  'Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.' 

  • Mahatma Gandhi said, 'If I have the belief I can do it I will surely acquire the capacity to do it.'

  • Mohamed Ali- 'Once belief becomes a conviction things begin to happen.'

  • Thomas Jefferson- 'Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving their goal.'

And... 'You have to tell yourself you're brilliant- you can't wait backstage thinking they're gonna like me-I'm not bad.'

Billy Connolly.

1. The Universe is Not Real
2. Infinity Rules
3. Science
4. Magic
5. Belief
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It seems that almost every celebrity and every highly successful person will state that in order for them to have become successful they needed to believe in themselves. Belief in one's own ability is the first step. 'If you can't believe in yourself, no one else will and you won't succeed.'


Successful people are often inspired by those who came before them, by those whom they have admired from the start. The fact that someone else has been very successful is proof of what can be achieved and is evidence that, perhaps, the next successful person may achieve just a little bit more than the last. Proof and evidence that a goal can be achieved must greatly help those who strive to achieve that goal. Belief appears to be almost as relevant as ability when it comes to setting an exceptionally high standard. 

The world of sports records is, perhaps, a good example of the importance of belief. There is an expression- to run the four-minute mile. When barriers are broken they are broken by people who have believed that their goal was achievable. 

Searching online for credibly realistic examples of the power of belief is not easy, but a readily accepted example is the placebo effect. It is a virtually proven case that the placebo effect may overcome what science would not expect to be possible.

Other examples which are related to the effects of belief and the mind and are, perhaps, worth researching are-

Faith Healing and Hypnotherapy

Animal Whispering


Water Divining


The effects of an individual's use of positivity and belief can be assumed to be worthy and creditable but also, in addition,  there is the topic of universal belief and whether it has noticeable effects. 

In conclusion, it appears that analysing the power of belief is certainly worth further research and discussion- in particular that of universal belief and whether it may have had an influential effect on our history. 


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