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When I first created a theory of ‘true Reality’ for the novel Breakdown it was no more than fictional fun used to explain the paranormal and supernatural, but as I developed the idea I became more and more intrigued by its credibility.- this hypothesis can explain all that is inexplicable. 

On the right are the steps to understanding how the impossible may be possible and how there really may be doorways to other universes and time travel.  Below, in brief,  is some of the thinking  behind the theory. 

The OMNIS Theory

The Hypothesis...


Experiences deemed by science as impossible (reality breakdowns) are real occurrences in our reality, and they occur due to the imperfection in the science of our universe. Such occurrences may happen by random chance, the influence of coincidental belief, or a combination of both.

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1. The Universe is Not Real
2. Infinity Rules
3. Science
4. Magic
5. Belief

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First is the questioning of what we witness and what we think are the answers. This is when we must accept that things exist as ideas and ideas only. Everything is borne from the acceptance that nothing exists outside of imagination and thought- 1. The Universe is Not Real. Next is the question of ‘So, if there is no physical existence what is existence?’ If we analyse our earliest big questions about space and time we can conclude that 2. Infinity rules and this leads to the assumption that there must be other existences, other realities and universes. If we accept that infinite other universes exist and that infinity rules this will also mean infinity of 3. Science and so some universes will have perfect science and others will have totally unreliable science and perhaps the science of our universe is not perfect. Perhaps imperfections in our science allow for the impossible to happen on very low levels of frequency and significance and when we look for examples we find so many!

How can the impossible happen and what science, if any, governs the rules of impossibility? What examples of impossibilities are we witness to? Is there still a connection between our science and our impossible miracles? How do impossible events happen- random chance or could there be something else? This leads to the suggestion that perhaps in the past, when people had far less knowledge and less science, that people in the past were more prone to believing in 4. Magic. Could belief play a part in what may or may not happen? Is there an intrinsic link between science, belief and reality? When we look for examples of the 5. Power of Belief we find many. Can a credible theory of the impossible be suggested? 6. OMNIS is The Group’s model for how reality, belief and science each affect the others.

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