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n. pl. re·al·i·ties

1. The quality or state of being actual or true.

2. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: "the weight of history and political realities" (Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.).

3. The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.

4. That which exists objectively and in fact: Your observations do not seem to be about reality.

Science -the rules for stability

'Magic is just science we  don't yet understand'

                                                  -Arthur C Clarke

'The universe is not only queerer than we suppose -it is queerer than we can suppose'


                                                  -JBS Haldane

If we can accept that nothing exists in a physical sense, and that all existence is only as ideas and thoughts we may also accept that, as  there can be no limit to thought or ideas, then there must exist infinite universes and infinite realities. Infinity tells us there is infinity of everything and so there must also be infinity of science. There are infinite sciences and each science has infinite levels of power. The science of our universe is so extremely powerful that we have a special word for something which breaks the rules of our science- a miracle. A universe of perfect infallible science has no miracles. A world like ours, whose science is not perfect, allows tiny, insignificant levels of miracles. It is the imperfection in our science that has always allowed a level of insignificant breakdowns in our reality. Miracles are breakdowns in our reality due to the imperfection of our science but our science is so strong that miracles must go unnoticed-or at least to the world at large. In the history of our world no miracle has ever been proved-such is the power of the rules dictated by our science. But that is about to change.

Science-the imperfect provider

Science exists regardless of us, regardless of life and it is the rules for all, including for time. Infinity may rule but science makes the rules. Science writes the rules for the ingredients of reality and so puts them together in a way that gives us comprehension and gives our world, and us, stability. Science is the provider of all. It gives us order, logic, predictability and stability. Most importantly for us science gives us sanity for without science our universe would be one of utter disorder, a chaotic nightmare of the impossible.


The power of science has conquered all. It rules over everything we know of. It rules us and our universe, it rules over miracles, and it reigns supreme. Science is the basis to our beliefs and so science, like infinity, also rules. If infinity is the mother of all then science, the imperfect provider, is the father

                                                                                                               Imagination-the bringer of hope

Whatever our  faith in science we need to believe in more than science alone because we have always known that science does not have all the answers, and that science may not always appear correct and most importantly science cannot give us hope where hope does not exist. When there is no hope we find other beliefs- non scientific beliefs born of infinite imagination. Our beliefs are so powerful they are contenders for our science. Belief, science and reality are intrinsically linked and each may affect the other. Yet, in spite of  the alternative beliefs, still science rules above all else. Science rules above all else because it does not only tell us why some things are possible, it tells us also why some things are not and knowing what is possible and what is not possible is what gives us, and our universe, predictability and it is predictability that gives us stability. Without science our universe, and our lives, would have no stability and so in our universe science rules supreme-but it does not rule with perfection.


Infinity may be the mother of all and science the father but it is in imagination that they meet. Imagination is belief and belief is our reality. Science, imagination and belief are our reality-all created through infinity. Infinity rules.


Only some will read, think, and begin to question our beliefs. It is for those who listen and think and look for answers with open minds that The Group disclose the truths of which we have learnt. As for the others who will read, listen but think only of fiction and entertainment, they may read on, enjoy the tales of the bizarre and the impossible, and live their lives in peace but we warn all to beware for there has already begun a change in our science and in our beliefs and the breakdowns in our reality that have always occurred are on the rise. Total Reality Breakdown is approaching and it is only now that we are truly able to recognise that the reality we have always lived with was given to us neither by God nor by science and only now are we able to recognise that our reality is simply a frail element of our existence that tells us no more than 'we think therefore we are'. The truth has always told us of other existences and that all existences are reality but only those who take the time to examine reality closely are ever likely to see that truth.


We, The Group, have examined reality and concluded that, for most, what they believe to be their reality is merely that which they happen to experience and they believe it to be real only because they know no alternative-they have no reason to question. We believe the time has come for the world to finally know True Reality-and where it is leading us. When science finally lays before us all the answers we have searched for its job will be done and its climax reached but it shall be an anti-climax and one for which we must be prepared. Those that have come to believe in True Reality have done so through their own personal experiences of reality breakdowns and it is their tales and evidence that will hold attention, provoke thought and, eventually, convert to win the day.  




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