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n. pl. re·al·i·ties

1. The quality or state of being actual or true.

2. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: "the weight of history and political realities" (Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.).

3. The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.

4. That which exists objectively and in fact: Your observations do not seem to be about reality.

The universe is not real, time does not exist, you do not exist and soon...

You Will Believe...

Reality Breakdowns-RBs- arbs

An arb is an abbreviated word for an RB and RB stands for reality breakdown. The nickname arb was introduced by our two youngest members-Vin and Leb. A reality breakdown is a term that covers all real, unexplained phenomena. If an  inexplicable event happens and it cannot be explained by science this will be a reality breakdown. How the impossible is allowed to happen can be explained by an alternative theory of reality-OMNIS...

The stability of our universe may be considered to be extremely reliable but it is not totally so. The stability we are afforded remains only as long as the anomalies are insignificant and only so long as our belief holds us firmly in our accepted realm of reality. Levels of stability are not constant however and in the past our beliefs have reflected this-there is much from the past that we can no longer believe but there is equally much that we now do believe but which we would not have believed in our past. Our new change in belief is the beginning to a new change in our reality. Belief, reality and science are intrinsically linked but the stability of our universe is so strong that this link is not immediately recognised. To accept such knowledge is only possible after in depth analysis and consideration  as to how the universe and all other universes exist within the all encompassing Omniverse.

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The first stage of The Group's  OMNIS theory is accepting the basic axiom that our universe is not unique and that it is just one version of an infinite number of near identical universes and the common, shared ground within these universes is the link between them. It is this common ground that gives rise to the anomalies which we refer to as crossovers, breakdowns in reality. In history breakdowns were considered acts of god, the devil or of magicians or that they were the fabrications of corrupted minds, but today things are very different. Today there is every likelihood that an occurrence of an reality anomaly will, through our technology and shear numbers of population, reach far and wide and this has already begun to happen. Breakdowns in our reality may be recorded-and are recorded on a regular basis. To date we still make excuses for the anomalies-proving belief in our science still rules above all else! However, soon our questions will change, our belief will change, and then we will begin to witness that which has previously been deemed as impossible. When this happens our changing belief will have stepped on to the pathway which leads to the breakdown of science followed by the breakdown of  reality-the door to the ultimate Total Breakdown of Reality will have been opened.

Our project has established, arbitrarily, three very basic, crucial points, axioms of belief which form the basis to understanding true reality and how breakdowns in our reality may occur. These points are- one, there is no physical universe-everything exists as ideas only. Two, everything exists to infinity and infinity, by definition, can have no boundaries  or limitations and so when this is accepted we are drawn to the conclusion that infinite variations of our universe must exist. Three, still in keeping with infinity having no boundaries, crossovers between realities must occur. Some of our universes have perfect science, others have imperfect science and the science of some is utter, unreliable chaos. The science of our universe is very, very close to perfection but it is not perfect and so, no matter how improbable, the impossible may, and does, happen. When it does happen this is a breakdown in our reality. When these three simple principles are fully accepted the next step can be made and slowly a picture of 'True Reality' will be revealed. Vin and Leb, our web designers, are designing and developing some wonderful 3 D models that will be part of our future website. There is also  detailed written explanation of the OMNIS theory along with the tales of each member's experience of the impossible,  included in The Book.-Breakdown-You Will Believe.      



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