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n. pl. re·al·i·ties

1. The quality or state of being actual or true.

2. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: "the weight of history and political realities" (Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.).

3. The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.

4. That which exists objectively and in fact: Your observations do not seem to be about reality.

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The universe is not real, time does not exist, 

            you do not exist and soon...

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An extract from the Breakdown series

Though reality may on rare occasions present us with the strange and the bizarre, the picture it usually paints for us is of a simplistic comprehensible landscape which conforms to our beliefs. For most, all that is ever seen and experienced is that which complies with the science and understanding of our existence but for others however, whether by mere random fortune or by something far more mysterious, reality’s landscape will reveal the unexpected and the inexplicable. When a person is confronted by the truly inexplicable the search for true reality will lead them to believe in the impossible...

The above paragraph is taken from the fictional Breakdown series. However,  there is also a more contemplative side to Breakdown and so, in consequence, the website has been split into the philosophical fun and the fictional fun...

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