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L Lyott's   BREAKDOWN-   You Will Believe is a  sci-fi/horror fantasy with an appeal for all that love the fun,  the intrigue and

the mystery of strange and bizarre escapist tales of the paranormal and the inexplicable. There is also, however, a contemplative element   which  questions   our  understanding  of  reality  and  which   proposes   a  hypothesis  for a theory  of   'True  Reality' 

suggesting how the impossible can really happen and does really happen... 

The Group, founded by the late Alistair Hayden, is a half dozen members of mixed gender, race and age who meet in the function room above The Pie Maker pub in North London. Everyone in this group has their personal tale and reason to believe science is not infallible and, through their pending website, their aim is to present what they know to the world- a  catalogue of evidence, including a predicted Total Reality Breakdown-Armageddon. Pat Sall, a serious but affable ageing hippy and one of the oldest of The Group, chairs the meetings and, along with Renata one of the younger members, they narrate the history, the tales and the future. 

Breakdown is told in three parts, the first part- You Will Believe- is told by Renata.  


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